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Gilles Godefroy
Espaces de Banach : existence et unicité de certains préduaux
Annales de l'institut Fourier, 28 no. 3 (1978), p. 87-105, doi: 10.5802/aif.702
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Résumé - Abstract

We study in this work the following problem: given a Banach space $E$, does there exist a Banach space $X$ such that $X^{\prime }$ be isometric to $E$? We give an existence criterion of such a space $X$ for a particular type of space $E$. We prove that such a space $X$ is unique, up to an isometry, for some classes of spaces $E$. We then deduce some results about isometries of certain Banach spaces and geometry of certain compact convex sets.


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