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Instructions for authors

How to submit?

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be sent via RUCHE. Do not hesitate to contact the secretary’s office to know more about RUCHE.

Format for the authors’files

The accepted language is french or english.

During the submission, authors should send a PostScript or PDF file. The article should include an abstract of at most 150 words, where formulas and equations should be used only when necessary, and should be kept to a minimum. No references should be included in that abstract.

Once the paper is accepted, all files (TeX for the text, BibTeX for the bibliography and figures) of the final version should be sent by the authors. The present LaTeX environment is teTeX, a stantard and complete TeX distribution for UNIX.

Please note that color figures will generally only remain in color in the electronic version, but will be printed in shades of grey in the print version. Color figures for the printed version can be ordered but will be at the charge of the authors (contact the secretary’s office for a quotation).

A LaTeX class (cedram-aif.cls) and a configuration file for BibTeX (cdraifplain.bst) are available, so that authors should prepare their articles using this format, without macros (aif-type.tex). Examples of BibTeX entries are available on MathSciNet. The Cedram class must be used if article is accepted.