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Online access

Until 2015

Complete articles of the five last years are accessible only to our subscribers or to institutions who do benefit from a subscription because of an exchange agreement with the Annales.

If you want to be granted an access to the electronic consultation you must forward the following information to the Office of the Secretary:

  1. the list of IP addresses of all servers from which the requests will be issued; this list should not include servers which would not operate any control on connections made by anonymous users from the exterior of the host institution,
  2. an estimate of the number of people who are likely to proceed to the interrogation of our files,
  3. the name of the agency if your subscription was made through an agency.

From the first fascicule published in 2015

The Annales de l’Institut Fourier reserve themselves the right to modify at any time the conditions of access to the archives, especially according to the traffic generated by consultations or any technical problem which might result from it.